One of the personal traditions I continue following is recalling the finest things that happened in my life during the year that is almost over. I reminisce and cherish emotions and thoughts. Then I select the best ones going through categories. It’s a sort of my life’s Oscar :)


We all have intrinsic motivators. It means we motivate ourselves, not others. I believe one of the biggest things driving people is curiosity.

Remember yourself being a kid? How inquisitive you were to the whole new world around you. …

When new hires join your company, they make the core part of the impression about everything during their first weeks or even days. It all includes:

  • how things work in the company
  • people, their interests, and needs
  • team values, typical behaviors

Imagine you are a newcomer. How would you behave…

It’s time to recap this year. Contrary to popular belief, 2020 seems exciting to me. I am very positive about the results of the year despite the difficulties many of us faced. It made me stronger and brought me new sources of inspiration. …

Digging into the history of games, I continue finding fascinating facts about impactful people and events. To spread the word about games, I compiled them into not a long read for you.

Original Space Invaders game

Space Invaders was released as an arcade machine game in 1978. …

Vitaliy Mokosiy

CTO in Atola Technology. Gamification enthusiast. Agile proponent

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