We released renewed forensic hardware imager this month. It was exciting to shoot the video and share our inspiration with the world!

DiskSense 2 unit — Atola Insight Forensic

My last months were dedicated to pre-release work on the new Atola hardware. We made it happen 10 days ago. And now I want to reflect on how we got to the product launch.

Why DiskSense 2

Atola Technology has a compact team of two dozen. Being aware of our capacity, we have always been quite deliberate about developing our business strategy. Therefore, as we were contemplating our further development priorities, we asked ourselves these questions:

  • Should we create a new product?
  • Since Atola TaskForce is in such high demand, should we focus solely on developing this product and upgrading its platform?


When new hires join your company, they make the core part of the impression about everything during their first weeks or even days. It all includes:

  • how things work in the company
  • people, their interests, and needs
  • team values, typical behaviors

Imagine you are a newcomer. How would you behave? Careful, right? Careful actions and deliberate thought sharing, just because you don’t know the people around you: how they react, what they think, how they perceive you.

We have a marvelously working practice of onboarding lunches in Atola. Everybody who tried it loves it. …

It’s time to recap this year. Contrary to popular belief, 2020 seems exciting to me. I am very positive about the results of the year despite the difficulties many of us faced. It made me stronger and brought me new sources of inspiration. So I’d like to thank the year and give my awards for the things that changed my life.

Book of the Year

Patty McCord — Powerful

Among the books I started reading and completed this, it made the largest impact. Interestingly enough, Netflix culture in total turned into a controversial thing for me. Several things I would never do as they…

It’s all about the money… And I think we got it all wrong anyway
© Meja

My environment is densely filled with entrepreneurs and high-tech engineers. When it comes to a discussion of money, 90% of them repeat the same mantra:

Money (profit) is the primary goal of a company

Guess what? I don’t think so.

I realized I keep hearing it so often, so I’ve decided to challenge the popular opinion.

Why every company needs more money

I am far from doing bussiness for the sake of getting more and more profits. It does not make me happy whatsoever. …

Digging into the history of games, I continue finding fascinating facts about impactful people and events. To spread the word about games, I compiled them into not a long read for you.

Original Space Invaders game

Space Invaders was released as an arcade machine game in 1978. It was the first game that conquered both Japan and US markets twice:

  • firstly, via arcade machines
  • secondly, via revolutionary cartridges in Atari consoles

In Japan, the game turned into such a widespread phenomenon that it emerged the invader houses. Invader house — amusement center where cocktail-table Space Invaders machines were used for play.

Hiroshi Yamauchi

Nintendo is the oldest company in the gaming industry. Just imagine it was found in 1889! That said, I am more impressed with Hiroshi Yamauchi who had been working 55 years in Nintendo. Take a look at two facts:

  • Yamauchi was a Nintendo President for 53 years
  • Hi did not like to play computer games

Here’s the part from the book I’m reading now:

“Inside the Japanese offices, Yamauchi ruled with an iron fist. He was not a gamer by any means. But he could smell a hit. …

Source: Indiegogo

My friends know gamification is my passion. I can’t stop but spread playful ideas that increase engagement in living our lives.

‘SuperBetter’ book by Jane McGonigal turned out to be a marvelous set of practices and stories of how to live gamefully. It helps become happier under routine, tough and even dreadful circumstances. I think Jane’s approach has become more valuable due to the world uncertainty caused by the virus nowadays.

10 Takeaways

I learned a lot and changed several things in my life due to Jane’s ideas. Reading a book, I usually write down the most helpful and thought-provoking minds of…

Last September I went to AgileRock Conference. While listening to a sincere and deep talk by Gitte Klitgaard, I made a tweet quoting her. It got a bit viral. Well, at least for a humble account with 100+ followers only :)

Feeling safe when you feel uncomfortable. Its significance is backed by famous Google research where psychological safety turned out to be the first factor for team members.

I wholeheartedly believe it all has to do with the trust level in your team.

Here is how high level of trust impacts company and employees:

  • Focus on team goals rather than…

WebSummit central stage

Last week I had my first WebSummit. Since I adore visiting conferences, I couldn’t refrain from traveling to beautiful Lisbon. Moreover, WebSummit is so much advertised in Ukrainian tech community.

Focus on startups and investments

Vitaliy Mokosiy

CTO in Atola Technology. Gamification enthusiast. Agile proponent

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